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Things that Scare Me (hint, it's not sharks)

Things that Scare Me (hint, it's not sharks)

by Lauren Benoit

3 months ago

Time is running out for sharks. Their populations are decreasing at a significant rate. Many are threatened and some even face extinction. Their decline is due to overfishing, where sharks are targeted for their fins or caught accidentally as bycatch. These predators serve as key indicators of ocean health and their decline will cause irreversible damage to fragile ocean environments.

In my home state of Rhode Island, we have huge concerns about our shark populations. Specifically, the mako shark which declared endangered in 2019 by the IUCN red list. Surprisingly, there are still shark tournaments up and down the east coast allowing hundreds of boats every summer to kill mako, thresher, porbeagle and blue sharks. Although they say these practices are for "science" there are little to no regulations and many species that are undersize are taken from the oceans. If nothing is done, it won't be long before these sharks are gone forever.

Rhode Island is a black hole for shark research & conservation. This place is super special to the Atlantic because this is where a major amount of growth happens during the summertime and causes all sorts of life to explode here that does not happen anywhere else. It is very important to start conserving this species for future generations.


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